Sterling silver, Stainless steel, Patina
When I went back to Shanghai couple months ago, my parents bought me a jade, and said “it will bring you luck and safety, and you should carry it all day”. Although I am not sure if it is true or not because there is no solid scientific evidence, I still believed it and placed it in my wallet.
The blessing culture, revealed in various forms, can date back to long ago, such as religion and Omatsuri. As an amulet of faith, it encourages people to deal with the uncertainty in the future. In this project, I delve further into the plum blossom and figure out that it symbolizes perseverance and hope, and work as a protective charm against evil. Therefore, I made a collection under the inspiration of this flower to present how these amulets guide people through a turbulent yet promising future.

Model - Lejun Su
Designer - Yuanzheng Yang
Visit my portfolio at www.yuanzhengyang.com

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